How To Forward Messages On Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a most commonly used application or social website which is used at the every corner of the world. WhatsApp was launched in 2009 and after this it became too Famous that everybody downloaded this application from Google play store for free and anyone can do that. WhatsApp includes various features in it you can talk to anyone by saving his or her contact number in your mobile or device my keeping your WhatsApp up to date.

You can enjoy latest features that has been added up in WhatsApp application by the help of this app you can keep in touch with anyone with whom you always wanted to be in contact either. This application allows you to share images, music, contact, videos, locations and many more things WhatsApp allows you to enjoy other features like replying to a specific text forward a single message or a bunch of messages and even it allows you to copy a text from a chat and paste it to somewhere else and send them and is unique feature WhatsApp got that it helps in creating a bookmark by storing a message or keep a text by marking star on it how to start a message in WhatsApp is quite simple you just need to follow a simple process by which it can become handy so that you can stars or mark any message you want to do so now let’s go in a brief detail to know the process of making a message as marked forever by giving a starmarks message in WhatsApp you can keep it a special list so that you can see this text whenever you decide to in a list which will be opened by clicking on three vertical dots which we presented on display page of WhatsApp under the 3 vertical dots you will see an option named as start message in which you can see each and every message that you start from all the chats no let’s see that process from which you can keep it is start.

There are different types of options for the different types of operating system like Android and IOS. This feature is enhanced on third-party whatsapp mods like gbwhatsapp.

You can forward messages on WhatsApp from your iPhone as following

  • Go to the home screen of your iPhone and then select the WhatsApp to run.
  • when it will start running it will show you the recent chats you have been done in recent time .
  • after that you have to open that chat which you have to forward to another of your friend
  • go to that friend name written on the chat screen .
  • Keep long press on the message you want to forward and then
  • it will show you the Bubble of forward and reply
  • if you want to reply of that you can reply and you want to forward that message
  • you can forward that easily just by typing on that and it will show you to whom do you want to send that message or you can even select how many messages you want to forward to you another friends.

You can also forward the messages in your Android smartphone just by following these steps

  • Go to the home screen or the tab on the centre button so that you can find the apps and you can open the WhatsApp from the Whatsapp icon on your Android smartphone
  • It will show you the recent chats you had with you can open the messages and then
  • you can even Tab on the conversation when you will do this it will show you the messages you have done or you are having
  • you can just simply big breast on the message you want to share and then on the right side of your phone
  • it will show you the arrow then you can easily press the arrow.
  • it will show you to forward you can easily forward to whom you want to share your message